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Kinetic Energy April Season

Our Kinetic Energy April Season opens on April 1st with two plays: starting with our new show about asylum seekers: R E F U G E and ending with our acclaimed 2015 play about urban homelessness H O M E. Across the entire season we also celebrate Shakespeare Authorship Awareness Month.

Bookings 9665 6489 or

With: Janaka Biyanwila, Che Baines, Jepke Goudsmit, Tiffany Hoy, Graham Jones, Shane Millward, Shani Moffat, Simon Lee, Henriette Tkalec, Forever Tupou. Lighting Design: Sherri Hilario. Both plays written & directed by Jepke Goudsmit & Graham Jones

At: St Luke’s Hall, 11 Stanmore Rd, Enmore.

Box Office opens half an hour before the show starts. Tickets: Full $25, Concession $20. Seating is limited. Please reserve your tickets by phone or email to be sure of a seat. There is no booking fee. All tickets to be picked up and paid for at the door (cash only).



take a look behind fences and facades

April 1-3, 8-10, 15-17 – Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 6.30pm

Australia’s Refugee Policy has long been a great worry for many people. Refugees and asylum seekers have been used as a political football by both major parties. Since 1992, when mandatory detention was introduced, successive governments have toughened up on border protection. Boat people in particular have been singled out for harsh treatment. Our current Government keeps a lid on what is happening, while the public are misled by misinformation and myths. Many refugee support organisations, including the UNHCR, have taken Australia to task for its inhumane treatment of asylum seekers. REFUGE is an immersion into the haunting reality lived by those who are suffering at the hand of a flawed and cruel system. REFUGE aims to debunk the myths, undo the demonisation, and does so in a clear and often humorous way, in spite of its serious and complex subject matter. REFUGE allows us to be moved, reclaim our humanity and take action: standing up for human rights. To this end, we enact true stories, based on extensive fieldwork, facts and eyewitness reports, particularly the perspective of the victims. REFUGE tells the stories of children in detention, of boat people forced into off-shore detention, of stateless persons caught in endless red tape, of ethnic minorities trapped by discrimination, of people kept in limbo indefinitely, and of the whistleblowers who bravely try to stop the litany of injustice.

The storylines in REFUGE are woven together to create a wide spectrum. Using dance, song, drama and poetry, Kinetic Energy’s team takes the audience on an engaging and intimate journey. Our company of nine will be augmented by a few audience members who like to put their hand up for a small part (be there 15 minutes before show starts, to be briefed).



a real look at the surreal world of the homeless

3 shows only: April 22, 23, 24 – Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 6.30pm

Set in Sydney, the colourful characters of H O M E  paint a multi-dimensional perspective on homelessness. Their stories are told with much humour, and use a wide range of musical and dramatic imagery. Stories of defiance and resistance, of pain and pathos, of kindness, vitality and love. The play seamlessly interweaves dramatic, poetic and musical textures, with pearls of wisdom gleaned from Australian folk song, Shakespeare and Henry Lawson, and placed in a filmic soundscape ranging from jazz classics by Bryce Rohde and Gil Evans, to contemporary rap and spoken word poetry.

The gap between rich and poor is widening. Homelessness is on the increase, especially among young people and families. Lack of affordable housing, a poverty-line existence, poor job opportunities, often coupled with drug & alcohol abuse and domestic violence: these are the circumstances taking young people down the gurgler and onto the street. One in two homeless youth is turned away from emergency shelters every night because services are full. Families are living in cars or yo-yo-ing between caravan parks and motels. Governments are cutting down social services and women’s refuges.

How do you give shape to your hopes and dreams when you’re pushed down the rungs of the social ladder? When the world seems to be against more equitable models of community?

Just because I’m homeless, just because I’m poor, can you throw away the key after locking the door! 



Dear Shakespeare lovers: this April 23rd is the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakspere of Stratford. To help celebrate the occasion, Kinetic Energy Theatre Company’s co-directors have declared the month of April to be Shakespeare Authorship Awareness Month. Being fervent Shakespeare lovers ourselves, we think it is of great importance that the ‘Truth about Will’ be investigated, discussed, researched and explored freely and abundantly, in the theatre, in schools and in universities, and not treated as a taboo subject as is all-too-often the case today. Inspired by the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition (SAC) and its 'Declaration of Reasonable Doubt About the Identity of William Shakespeare,' we are joining the SAC (and authorship doubters worldwide) in drawing attention to this often suppressed side of the Shakespeare story. There are good reasons to doubt the authorship of the works, as you will see if you read the Declaration yourself. During our April Season of “REFUGE” and “HOME”, from April 1st until April 24th, you can see the magnificent Declaration of Reasonable Doubt on display at our theatre in Enmore, obtain information about it, and be inspired to sign it yourself. The Declaration, launched in 2007 by Shakespearean actors Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance, has been signed by 3,300 people - 1,260 with advanced degrees and 560 current or former college/university faculty members. A list of recommended books and sites on the topic will be provided. Scripts of our own two-part play about SHAKE-SPEARE will be available for sale (you may remember our dramatic investigations when we performed the plays in 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2008). If you are curious and would like to read the Declaration online now, you will find it at: We highly recommend that you enter this amazing detective story. Be prepared to be moved, invigorated, shocked, stirred or disturbed, but above all to have some serious literary fun!

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