The magic of 'live theatre' becomes even more magic when doing a piece for the last time. It feels as if it is the first time, yet with the experience and knowledge of many times. You deeply enter the living moment-to-moment time. That is what happened during our last performance of HOME on 12 October for the community in Sydney’s outer West. And something beautifully uplifting was going on between actors and audience.

We had planned to put on a season of our newly up-dated and augmented signature piece EMPIRE this spring, but are sad to have to tell you that we have suspended all operations for the time being. The Village Space project, with our social justice plays for High Schools and communities, will not be rolled out in 2017. We hope to put on EMPIRE in the autumn of 2017, and sprinkle some music/film/experimental events across next year.

All depends on the well-being of our irrepressible co-director Graham Jones. He has had a massive arthritis attack this winter and needs a complete rest to look after his health.

So we are putting ourselves into TRANSITION.

This is the proverbial Mean Time, when we will be

- morphing the Company into its next creative form

- archiving our 40+ year history (to be housed in the National Library in Canberra)

- sorting our manuscripts.

If you are interested in purchasing scripts, some of them are already available, namely:


Each play script costs $25 (including postage), except SHAKE-SPEARE Part 1 & 2, which costs $50 (including postage).

Just email us at with your request, and we will get back to you to arrange the purchase.

NB – The plays are available for performance, too. If you want to obtain performance rights to one of our plays, please contact us regarding copyright at the above email address.

THANK YOU for your support and patronage. We have had great feedback all year around.

Hoping to see you next year again after some METAMORPHOSIS...