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HOME - a real look at the surreal world of the homeless

at the St Luke’s Church complex, 11 Stanmore Road in Enmore

Bookings: 9665 6489 or email

HOME investigates the struggles of disadvantaged youth and of the increasing number of poor in our big cities. Set in Sydney, the play's colourful characters paint a multi-dimensional perspective on the issue of homelessness. Their stories are told with much humour and use a wide range of musical and dramatic imagery. Stories of defiance and resistance, of pain and pathos, of kindness, vitality and love. Placed in a filmic soundscape ranging from jazz classics by Bryce Rohde and Gil evans, to contemporary rap and spoken word poetry.  With references to Australian folk song and some wisdom gleaned from Shakespeare and Henry Lawson.

The gap between rich and poor is widening. Homelessness is on the increase, especially among young people and families. Lack of affordable housing, a poverty-line existence, poor job opportunities, often coupled with drug & alcohol abuse and domestic violence: these are the circumstances taking young people down the gurgler and onto the street. One in two homeless youth are turned away from emergency shelters every night because services are full. Families are living in cars or yo-yo-ing between caravan parks and motels. Governments are cutting down social services and women’s refuges. How do you cope when you’re pushed down the rungs of the social ladder? When your situation makes you cry out: “Just because I’m homeless, just because I’m poor, can you throw away the key after locking the door!”

How do you give shape to your hopes and dreams, when the world seems to be against more equitable models of community, sharing and cooperation?

Our interactive theatre events are designed to engage our audience on many levels, from the feeling heart, to the instinctive gut, to the thinking brain. Over the years we have found that audience participation has a magic effect: the story becomes theirs. So, in true Kinetic Energy fashion, our audience members will have a chance to be part of the action: put your hand up for one of six small roles. For instance, you can be a homeless person in Jo's Soup Kitchen, or a passenger on a bus, or a pedestrian on a busy city street. Your part will have a few words and some simple actions, and in your scene you will always be together with our cast. If you're in for a little adventure like this, you need to book and to be there for instruction half an hour before the show starts.

discover the art of finding pearls in the gutter & music in a soup kitchen

HOME is based on extensive fieldwork and personal meetings with homeless people. It includes many insights we gained from charitable organisations like Missionbeat, Youth Off The Streets, The Salvos, Anglicare, St Vinnies and the Ted Noffs Foundation.

HOME is an ongoing project. The thumbnail photo was taken in 2012, by Corrie Ancone.

With: Janaka Biyanwila, Carolyn Eccles, Melanie Eden, Jepke Goudsmit, Robert Gray, Graham Jones, Demitra Sealy, Henriette Tkalec. Written & directed by Jepke Goudsmit & Graham Jones. Tech: Sherri Hilario

Where: St Luke's Hall 11 Stanmore Rd Enmore
When: March 13-15, 20-22, 27-29  Fri&Sat 8pm, Sun 6.30pm
Tickets: $25 full/ $20 pensioner&low-waged/ $15 students&unwaged
Seating is limited so reserving a seat is recommended:

9665 6489 or email:



Earlier Event: October 2
Later Event: May 15