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Australia’s Refugee Policy has long been a great worry for many people, and increasingly so under the current Abbott Government.

We are presenting our play REFUGE to raise awareness, to voice concerns, to unite in solidarity with refugees & asylum seekers and to refuel campaigns for justice & refugee rights.

In REFUGE we weave together and enact true stories, collected over the last few years through our fieldwork and active engagement in the cause.

We look at the plight of children in detention, and of asylum seekers, and investigate some of the underlying causes of forced displacement around the globe. We expose bureaucratic incompetence, and stir up the need to reclaim our humanity.

Using drama as a tool, REFUGE provides an immersion into the haunting reality lived by those who have fallen victim to a flawed and cruel system.

REFUGE was written initially to serve social justice & human rights education in high schools, as part of our Village Space project. We have reshaped it for the general public, to be an inspiration and a call to action. The play is interactive: the audience participates and bares witness, rather than observing passively. Six audience members can even put their hand up for a small part: a gatekeeper, a demonstrator, an anonymous detainee, etc.

REFUGE will premier at St Luke’s Hall in Enmore, October 2-5, for four nights only. We invite our audience to join us after the show for informal discussion. An excellent opportunity for action groups to share information!

Bookings & inquiries: phone 9665 6489  email

Those who want a small part, please book your part by phone or email and turn up half an hour before starting time to be briefed. There are only six places, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. No acting experience required.

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