Village Space is an experiential learning project that offers playful, dynamic, inter-active theatre events to High Schools. The themes are relevant to the curriculum, and explored in a cross-curricular fashion. Each play is based on extensive research and fieldwork, with real life situations as creative starting points. Using storytelling, drama, music, song and dance, the shows are packed with information and encourage participation, reflection and investigation.



= theatre-in-education for schools, universities and communities    

= an experiential learning project

= real-life stories from Australia and around the world

= about social justice, human rights, equality, global justice

= cross curricular, wholistic

= dynamic, interactive, moving, playful, engaging

= a platform for discussion and investigation

Since its inception in 2003, VILLAGE SPACE has covered a wide range of issues: Homelessness, poverty, climate change/climate justice, indigenous struggles, refugees, hiv/aids, non-violent direct action, sustainability, racism, reconciliation, children’s rights. VILLAGE SPACE plays have been performed widely in Sydney, the Sydney Basin and in regional NSW. The program also toured interstate to Queensland,  Victoria and South Australia. The VILLAGE SPACE team comprises up to nine performers.


Kinetic Energy Theatre Company's co-directors Graham Jones and Jepke Goudsmit have been at the helm of VILLAGE SPACE during its 14 year history. They researched wrote and directed the plays. Since its foundation in 1975, Kinetic Energy has provided high quality theatre-in-education programs. In 2000, the Company received a life-time achievement award from the Performing Arts Unit of the NSW Department of Education.

In 2016 the VILLAGE SPACE program offered three plays : "HOME" (a music theatre piece about homelessness), "THE FREEDOM RIDE" (a doco-drama about the historical indigenous rights campaign in Australia's sixties) and "REFUGE" (a play about refugees and asylum seekers, and Australia's treatment of them). For more information, click the relevant info page.

Since 2017, we are sad to have to let you know, that, due to the illness of co-director Graham Jones, we have had to suspend the VILLAGE SPACE program. We hope it will return some time in the near future.

You can contact us by phone (02 9665 6489) or email:

Village Space